Research Projects

1. Blocker-tolerant receiver and RF-domain signal processing

: Physics-modeling with theoretical analysis and simulation + custom-chip taped-out for verification.

(i) Software-defined wireless receiver front-end utilizing hybrid CMOS-acoustic mixer-first architecture.

 Impedance Aliasing Phenomenon (JSSC21) Photo

 Mathematical analysis on harmonically-coupled feedback loops in LTV system interfaced with general LTI systems Photo

 Concept of proposed architecture for wireless receiver applications (JSSC21, RFIC20, RFIC21) Photo

 Enabling tunable 2.5-to-4.5GHz SAW BPF design from a fixed 1.6GHz SAW BPF (RFIC20) Photo

 Enabling tunable 3.5-to-6.2GHz BAW BPF design from two fixed 2.6GHz BAW BPFs (RFIC21) Photo

(ii) Full-Duplex radios and self-interference cancellation in RF/analog domain (SIC)

 Full-Duplex/FDD Duplexer and Receiver with Autonomous Adaptation Loops (IMS20) Photo

  • Designed and simulated various gradient-descent-based SIC algorithms. Photo

(iii) Commutated-Circuit-and-Acoustic-Delay-Line-based Adaptive Canceller (CADELAC)

  • Neural-network-based weight initialization scheme for direct-RF wideband self-interference cancellation to deal with non-idealities from frequency-translated acoustic-delay lines.

2. Blind Source Separation

(i) Under-determined source separation and localization using rotational motion and spatial-aliasing.

  • Proposed an idea to utilize aliased space (angular-aliasing) for solving under-determined inverse problems by reducing overcompleteness.

  RoSS: Utilizing Robotic Rotation for Audio Source Separation Photo

  • Simulated and measured RoSS algorithm via rotational motion for acoustic applications for a proof-of-concept design.


(ii) Multi-modal BSS based on optimal microphone geometry searching from deeply-learned angular manifold and reinforcement learning (RL)-based motion planning.

(iii) Self-supervised virtual microphone estimation.

More to be added.